My name is Danielle Liauw. I was the founder and owner of yoga studio Daandasana yoga in Zandvoort. I started as a passionate yogini with Bikram in 2009 and quickly became addicted to yoga. In 2015 I followed the teacher training at Absolute Yoga Academy in Thailand and since then I am a certified Yoga teacher. I learned more about breathing techniques from meditation specialist Wim Hof. I have now completed my Vinyasa education and advanced study yoga therapy with Johan Noorloos, Yoga and Mental health with Anneke Sips from and yin yoga education. At the moment I am following a new teacher training in Yoga therapy and mental health with Ganesh Mohan a 800hrs Yoga therapy. I am also a nutritionist to help people get rid of their sugar addiction.
After a turbulent life of many ups and even more downs, yoga was very much needed for me. In the beginning that I practiced yoga, it was mainly a physical activity in which concentration and breathing unconsciously had a meditative effect, I was mainly concerned with perfecting the posture and then perfecting it even more. As I practiced yoga, I became more interested in the physiology of yoga, breathing exercises and meditation. Where it is not about perfection, it is more about compassion in my lessons for myself and for the participants, with that said I still try to get the best out of your posture that fits your body and mind for that day. Keeping it light and easy the most important thing for me in yoga is breath and smile
I try to find a balance in life, but above all I try to bring the yoga a bit more to the contemporary with great respect and compassion for each other and especially with a smile. Yoga has given me guidance and insight for both myself and my fellow man. I start the day with meditation, breathing exercises and a short yoga practice (not always easy to keep regularity here) but also to enjoy a glass of wine and sleeping in. Not being to hard on myself if I skip a period of meditation or yoga. Remembering Keep the balance and stay perfectly imperfect!