The lessons below are all Private lessons 

Stress relief and release yoga

Are you having nek and back problems? with use of a strip and special exercises we loosen up the shoulders, back and nek.

Are you stressed? Burn-out? Doing easy postures and breathing exercises to release the tension from the body.

Yin Yoga

In Yin yoga, the postures are focused on strengthening and relaxing connective tissue and joints. You stay in a posture longer, they stretch deep-lying muscles. It is a passive yoga form in which you do not move intensively (but it certainly has an effect on your body). You have the time to feel your body.

Prices private yoga

60 minutes

one lesson.      € 75,00 /  Home € 85,00

5 lesson card.  € 325,00 / Home € 375,00

90 minutes

one lesson        € 100,00 / home € 110,00

5 lesson card    € 465,00 / home € 515,00

These lessons are given 1 to 1 on location or in the privacy at your home. Additional people € 15,00 p.p. to max 3 people