Terwijl ik drie mooie jaren in Zandvoort heb afgesloten, is Thamar Karpes van "Touch of the sea" druk bezig met de start van de studio. Je kan je niet meer via Fitmanager aanmelden!  Voor info over de lessen van de The Touch of The Sea verwijs ik je graag door https://www.facebook.com/touchofthesea/ Hier kan je bij Thamar ook al je vragen kwijt over de studio. Ik wens iedereen fijne yoga lessen bij de nieuwe eigenaar The Touch of The Sea.

Warme groet, Danielle




Daandasana Yoga goes to Amsterdam


After 3 wonderful years of having a beautiful studio in Zandvoort, I needed a change.

Finding out about myself that I am not an entrepreneur, even though I am very proud in creating a warm and wonderful studio in Zandvoort ☺️ it did not make me happy. My heart is with just teaching yoga and expanding myself through teaching and learning. I am practicing what I teach....

If you are not happy in what you are doing, make a change!

I have taken a big step and decided to sell my house, stop the studio in Zandvoort and move to Amsterdam. First I will adjust in Amsterdam and I will be following Yoga Therapy Teacher Trainings and more. Once adjusted I will be teaching in different yoga studio's here in Amsterdam (keep an eye on this site) and I will be available for private lessons, focussing on compassion yoga for people who are overwhelmed by work, life, suffer from sleep deprivation, burn-out and so on...This will be done on appointment and after consultation either in person or FaceTime.

40 day sugar detox

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“De advisering van Danielle Liauw is uitdrukkelijk niet bedoeld als (vervanging van) reguliere medische behandeling. Bij acute gezondheidsklachten of verergering van gezondheidsklachten word je aangeraden contact op te nemen met de behandelend (huis-)arts of medisch specialist.”

"The advice of Danielle Liauw is explicitly not intended as (replacement of) regular medical treatment. In case of acute health problems or worsening of health complaints, you are advised to contact the treating (family) doctor or medical specialist. "