Daandasana Yoga  Amsterdam

If you are not happy in what you do, make a change! 

 I have, and it feels great!

After 37 years living in Zandvoort, owning a Hot yoga studio. It took some courage, I sold my house and studio and once I made the decision it all went in a flow. Trusting the process, trusting life.

Currently I’m  very happy living and working in amsterdam.

Teaching at the beautiful Equal yoga studio on the Rozengracht and others soon to follow I will also be available for private lessons, focussing on strength, balance and compassion yoga for people who are overwhelmed by work, life, suffer from sleep deprivation, burn-out and so on...This will be done on appointment and after consultation either in person or FaceTime.

40 day sugar detox

Do you feel tired? low in energie? down and maybe even depressed? is your skin dull or uneven?

You may be having too much sugar intake! Follow my 40 day Sugar detox 

Once a week for 6 weeks you will receive a PDF workbook guiding you through a sugar free life style.

Bel voor informatie 0625096467

“De advisering van Danielle Liauw is uitdrukkelijk niet bedoeld als (vervanging van) reguliere medische behandeling. Bij acute gezondheidsklachten of verergering van gezondheidsklachten word je aangeraden contact op te nemen met de behandelend (huis-)arts of medisch specialist.”

"The advice of Danielle Liauw is explicitly not intended as (replacement of) regular medical treatment. In case of acute health problems or worsening of health complaints, you are advised to contact the treating (family) doctor or medical specialist. "